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September 29th 2020

Time 08:30 - 13:05

Live digital event


Free admission

September 29th 2020, 08:30 - 13:05

Live digital event

Free admission

About Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020 Conference

Cloud first, agile development, focus on standard solutions, full blown API development, separation of core systems and front-end, automation and a wholehearted focus on new modern cloud solutions as the future front-end.

This is what the plans and the cloud strategy look like for many modern organizations. And for many, it is a strategy that is currently being translated into concrete investments, efforts, and innovations.

At the same time, some financial companies have managed to create new business areas by developing products for other financial companies.

The extensive digitalization combined with an increasingly intense competition in many industries therefore puts entirely new demands on management, the digital organization, and the technology.

Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020 is an interactive digital conference

As a participant at the digital conference Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020, you can live stream presentations from CIOs, experts and leading suppliers, ask questions and participate in the digital breakout session - all moderated by Computerworld's skilled editors.

Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020 is being hosted by Computerworld Denmark together with the film and video production company Make Sense Film, who are experts in professional digital conference.

Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020 will focus on the monumental shift, that is currently taking place in many industries. Together with several leading CIOs and digital executives from all over the Nordic countries.

The strategies and experiences of switching to cloud first strategies including the difficult hybrid and multi-cloud balance

The safe fulfillment of the comprehensive privacy and compliance requirements with smart use of technology

How both the leadership of both IT and digital organizations are rapidly changing and how CIOs, business managers and digital executives handle the change

Insight into how leading suppliers and analysts view the market and existing products

Meet the speakers Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020


Rasmus Hald

Senior Director - Head of Cloud & Developer Experience

LEGO Group


Lars Jacobsen

chefredaktør og moderator


Ashok Kalyanswamy


Saxo Bank

Thomas Christensen

Director Storage Nordics


Peter Scharstein

Master Principal Cloud Architect



General Manager

Alibaba Cloud Nordics

Tony Franck

EMEA technical expert for business appliations & cloud

Hitachi Vantara

Stian Wetterstad

Senior Partner Account Manager


Frank Yue

Principal Application Experience Architect and technology evangelist


James Powenski

Senior Solutions Engineer


Jesper Kildegaard Poulsen

Incubation Lead


Peter Bjerregaard Harden

Country Manager, Google Cloud, Denmark




The digital doors open at 08.30 for the conference

We recommend that you log in well in advance so that you are ready with a good picture and good sound when the program starts at 9.00.

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Lars Jacobsen, editor in chief , Computerworld

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Saxo Bank's journey to a cloud first organization

Ashok Kalyanswamy, CIO , Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is on a journey whic began in 2017, when Ashok Kalyanswamy was given the task of moving Saxo Bank's entire IT infrastructure in the cloud in a few years and making Saxo Bank a cloud first organization. He has so far done so well that in 2019 he was nominated for CIO of the Year 2019.

The procedure is, in short, that Saxo Bank does not think on premise when the bank builds new. Instead, everything should basically be software-defined. This approach has changed the mindset towards software and cloud first.

Hear how this transformation has proceeded so far, what experiences have been made, what impacts it has had on the organization, and what the plans are for the future.

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Holistic view of your cloud strategy.

Thomas Christensen, Director Storage Nordics , IBM

Why is it important to have a holistic view of your cloud strategy with particular focus on the storage platform?

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Next-generation cloud and on-premises infrastructure

Peter Scharstein, Master Principal Cloud Architect , Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers on-premises high-performance computing power to run Cloud native and execute enterprise company's IT workloads. OCI provides real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle's autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless compute. Available for public cloud.

For on-premises requirements, OCI is available on the new Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer—behind a company’s private firewall and in their data center.

In Gartner's new report: “It’s Time to Include Oracle as a Viable Option When Evaluating Public Cloud Providers” you can get an idea of why to consider Oracle as a cloud infrastructure partner.

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Alibaba Cloud

YangSun, General Manager , Alibaba Cloud Nordics

The digital transformation and China Gateway 2.0 topic

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How to optimize and adapt your infrastructure in order to kickstart your cloud journey

Tony Franck, EMEA technical expert for business appliations & cloud , Hitachi Vantara

Are you struggling with finding the right infrastructure mix while navigating the cloud first strategies and hybrid and multi-cloud complexities? And are you concerned about securing privacy and compliance? That only means that you are asking all the right questions.

In this presentation Tony will walk through how it is possible to start (or continue) your cloud journey with a scalable and hybrid approach. Looking at all the options of a truly modern datacenter can be the most efficient place for many organizations to focus their efforts: Start fast and easy, scale and grow with simplicity, manage everything from one single simplified portal and at the same time take full control of your costs. Deploy an autonomous hybrid cloud datacenter with fully automated rollout of new VM’s and applications, agile changes and scaling up or down with proven full sw/hw upgrades in a single click, which all makes the modern datacenter as easy as Public Cloud.

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The New Normal – Delivering a remote, secure, productive and user friendly workspace with a hybrid multi-cloud design.

Stian Wetterstad, Senior Partner Account Manager , Citrix

Throughout the latest years many organizations have made the move from a traditional on-premises IT infrastructure to a hybrid, or in some cases, a pure cloud service model.

With this change there has been many business benefits and an ease of management for the IT organization. Benefits like agility, flexibility and patch free evergreen solutions.

But there has also been some drawbacks, especially for the end user. Complexity is in many cases higher at the expense of productivity.

How can we provide a secure, productive and user friendly workspace with a hybrid multi-cloud design?

This year we have been through extraordinary times. To ensure the safety of their employees, many organization had to rapidly deploy remote work solutions.

Existing solutions like VPN have been expanded to meet a high demand for remote access.

But is the increasing number of VPN licenses sufficient to ensure a secure and productive workspace going forward?

It has been predicted that over the next years we will see a big change in how we work with more remote workers. This change has now been forced upon us in just months.

The new normal for how we work is here now.

Are you prepared?

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Keynote interview - Rasmus Hald

Rasmus Hald, Senior Director - Head of Cloud & Developer Experience , LEGO Group

In this interview Rasmus Hald will share how A.P. Møller Maersk have experienced their cloud jorney.



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Creating the always-on application experience in hybrid clouds

Frank Yue, Principal Application Experience Architect and technology evangelist , Kemp

We build hybrid clouds to ensure availability, scalability, and agility for our applications. The evolution of IT architectures from traditional datacenters to the hybrid cloud has changed when and how technologies are utilized. Load balancing has been a key technology to enable the always on application experience we expect from the cloud. Learn how you can maximize load balancers in your environment, and why not all load balancing solutions are created equal for today's hybrid architectures.

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Preventing cloud lock in with modern data architectures

James Powenski, Senior Solutions Engineer , Couchbase

As the number of multi-cloud deployments grows, so too does the need for a single source managed service which is secure and fully automated. Financial services firms demand the capability to deploy data across multiple cloud vendors without being locked in to one provider. This session will discuss the architectural choices available and how they can be used to avoid the problems of cloud provider lock ins.

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How cloud gives the supply chain new business opportunities and new headaches.

Jesper Kildegaard Poulsen, Incubation Lead , Hitachi

A discussion about how cloud and IoT allows the supply chain to evolve into a new operating model driven by transparency and a new level of cooperation between manufacture and suppliers. But as always it comes with challenges, that opens up opportunities for innovation.

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Business innovation in the Cloud

Peter Bjerregaard Harden, Country Manager, Google Cloud, Denmark , Google

Get Google's perspective and insights on the Business challenges and IT opportunities Cloud helps solve.

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Ending the day

Lars Jacobsen, editor in chief , Computerworld


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Meet our partners at Nordic Cloud Strategy 2020


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